Nyam nyam…makanan sedap

A Warm Afternoon @ Honeymoon Dessert

We found Honeymoon Dessert by accident. Me and my junior high friends, we were strolling along Ciwalk, Bandung, looking for a comfy spot to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, after attending a wedding ceremony and reception of yet another member of the gank. We spotted the place right away as the comfiest in the row. Or maybe it’s just the warm afternoon sun.

It turned out to be a perfect choice. Even now we still crave the food and ambiance, and of course, the Bandung afternoon sky, and really look forward to get together again right in the same place. The food was beautiful. How genius that someone opened a restaurant dedicating itself to dessert and dessert only. Adding more to that, the desserts were as healthy as they can be, yet as refreshing as they get.

They served asian desserts, where coconut milk and almond milk were the milk it is! The Durian Pancake was the star. My friends ordered it twice, and still couldn’t get enough. The fruits they used were so fresh, I wonder if they just cut it right after taking orders.

We ended up ordering everything that looked good. But my heart set on Black Sesame Porridge in Almond Milk. It was wonderful, very refreshing, you felt really good after having it. It was abundant with elements that did nothing but good to your body, cleansed your system, balanced your metabolism, while maintaining energy you usually wasted on digestion. They presented the porridge in a yin-yang pattern in the bowl. Lovely.



Even if you are not a dessert manic acute like me, I guarantee you will love this place. They were not excessively sweet like other desserts, but just sweet enough to make you smile and not worrying about your blood sugar. Not to mention they were full of natural healthy ingredients that function as natural medicine for you. I totally can live on this.
Highly recommended. Must come, must taste. And I’m not their sales person.