Sejumlah Faktor Yang Dicari Google Saat Mengunjungi Blog

Robot-robot Google saat berkunjung ke sebuah blog dan halaman sebuah blog, mereka mencari sejumlah elemen dari blog tersebut. Elemen-elemen ini yang di jadikan patokan bagi mereka untuk mengukur pentingnya sebuah blog. Jika mereka melihat semua elemen yang ada diblog tersebut memenuhi syarat, maka blog tersebut bernilai. Berikut ini adalah sejumlah elemen yang perlu di perhatikan jika kita serius ingin mendapat posisi terbaik hasil pencarian.

1. Keyword atau kata kunci yang terdapat dalam text link – text link yang ada di dalam blog atau di blog lain yang mengarah pada blog kita. Semakin banyak links yang mengarah ke blog kita dari blog lain dengan keyword yang bagus atau relevan dengan blog kita, semakin baik untuk mendongkrak posisi blog kita untuk keyword atau kata kunci tertentu. Contoh text link ialah Abi Bakar Blog

2. Keyword yang di gunakan di title halaman-halaman blog (di antara tag <Title>)

3. Keyword yang di gunakan dalam heading (H1,H2) dan di dalam body dari halaman-halaman blog.

4. PageRank dari halaman-halaman blog, yang lagi-lagi tergantung dari jumlah link yang mengarah ke blog kita dari blog lain. Pentingnya dari inbound link ini tergantung dari PageRank dari halaman blog yang me-link halaman blog anda.

5. Halaman blog yang setidaknya berisi 200 kata, plus jumlah halaman. Semakin banyak halaman dalam sebuah blog, semakin besar kemungkinan blog tersebut sering tampil di halaman hasil pencarian (SERP) berdasarkan besarnya jumlah keyword yang terdapat dari blog tersebut, makanya jangan males posting:D

6. Update, sebarapa sering blog anda di update. Anda harus sering mengupdate blog, karena semakin sering anda update maka semakin sering pula Google bots mampir ke blog untuk melakukan crawl. Setidaknya atau paling sedikit 1 atau 2 kali seminggu blog di update.

7. Seberapa cepat anda mendapat inbound link (link yang mengarah keblog atau halaman), menurut sejumlah EBook yang saya baca Google akan mencurigai blog-blog yang secara tidak wajar mendapat inbond link dengan cepat, lain halnya jika blog anda blog berita seperti CNN dan sejenisnya.

8. Berapa umur blog, berapa usia per halamannya, dan berapa usia link-link yang mengarah ke blog. Secara garis besar, semakin berumur sebuah blog dan semakin berumur link yang mengarah padanya, maka semakin baik. Maka jangan menunda-nunda untuk meluncurkan sebuah blog baru, jika anda merasa blog baru anda sudah siap diluncurkan maka langsung saja di luncurkan, agar Google dapat memulai perhitungan umurnya.

source  from: abi bakar blog


Sociofluid Plugin Disallow Google Crawling

Sociofluid Plugin Disallow Google Crawling

Sociofluid Plugin WordPress SEO Error Fix

Sociofluid is a cool plugin of wordpress which enables you the feature of social bookmarking.The plugin gives some serious errors, which effect your search results. When Google index pages of your website it also index the sociofluid plugin data in your post. Fix the error in simple ways.

An example of the search result is shown here

The website is giving errors which are shown here, the link here comes in every post you make. lens. … – Cached – Similar

About The SocioFluid:

The social bookmarking plugin uses jquery for the mac effect in the posts. The plugin grows as you hover your mouse over the buttons.

The plugin gives a share feature for major bookmarking sites like facebook twitter, stumble upon,, yahoo buzz, myspace, google, technocrati and many more. It includes a list of twenty plugins.

SocioFluid SEO Error Fix:

When ever a user publish a post and Google crawls the new post of your website, the sociofluid plugin links are too crawled by the search engines. The search engine results are annoying and this makes low page rank. Every time your post is crawled by google, the address links of the plugin adds up in your search results.

To fix this error you just have to do the simple math, its very easy and fast to remove these kind of errors. You just have to edit your robots.txt of your website. You just have to disallow to crawl the plugin SocioFluid directory of your website:

Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/


Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/


You have to add this code to your robots.txt file to disallow crawl of sociofluid directory. Now you will no longer see the text sociofluid plugin link in your search results.

Best WordPress Plugins To Increase SEO Score

Best WordPress Plugins To Increase SEO Score

Best Search Engine Optimization Plugins For WordPress

Among the million users, How do people find your content over Internet? There are many who write unique but to get listed Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a key. Search Engine Optimization Services are provided to websites to get traffic, but you can do it yourself with simple search engine optimization tool.

SEO  help search engines crawl your content and understand the relevancy of your content with the related search queries. It’s not necessary that your unique content will get you listed on top, as there are may who write unique you have to optimize it to get listed on top. For WordPress Users there are many SEO tools which optimize the blogs.

Here are Few SEO plugins for WordPress users to optimize their content relevancy:

1. All in One SEO Pack – One of the best and the most popular plugin in wordpress is All in One SEO Pack, the plugin does it all for you. If you are tired with writing HTML meta descriptions, keywords etc, The plugin makes it smooth to add meta tags, meta description, keywords and robots description. It helps by choosing the best keywords and avoiding duplicate descriptions.

2. Automatic SEO Links – Automatic SEO linking tools allows you to set the word phrase for automatic linking and can be set to “nofollow” to avoid duplicate links. Forget to put manual links just choose a word and give it a link. This plugin is user friendly and increases the navigation. The plugin also removes the back links, and thus increase your overall SEO score.

3. Google XML Sitemaps –  The XML sitemap generator builds the sitemap for website, so that website links can easily be submitted to search engines. You don’t have to summit single URLs or wait for Google to index your pages. The XML site map does it all. It is the best tool for search engine Optimization. Build your site maps easily and you can exclude the URLs you don’t want to index. The tool is easy to use without any hazels.

4. HeadSpace2 – HeadSpace2 is the meta data manager, it does many SEO tasks. With it you can tag posts and can create custom title and description to increase your search engine ranking. It perform’s various operations like Meta-data nesting, Dynamic data extraction and a feature of mass editing. Besides it can be page specific and theme specific. It should be used to increase your SEO SCORE.

5. Simple Tags – The plugin is extremely easy to use. It helps blogger’s to add tags from automated generated tags, auto-completion of tags as you type, mass tag editing. IT has an Ajax Admin Interface, which is handy to use. The tool is for dummies to increase their SEO score.

6. Meta Robots WordPress plugin – The plugin add robot meta data to pages so that search engines get to know which page to follow and which to nofollow. Prevent authors, data based archives and search results to get indexed and give irrelevant search results. To configure it, the tool needs pro skills. If you are not sure about what are robots and what does they do, do get information before using it.

7. Redirection – For may reasons you may need Redirection tool. This tool allows you to redirect URLs from one page to another. If you change the post heading the permalink gets changed, now search engines need time to re-index your new URL, So Just redirect the older one’s to new ones. This simply optimize your SEO score.

8. SEO Post Link – The SEO  Post Link plugin checks the URL of your posts and if it is too long search engines won’t give a liking towards it. It make the links to more search engine friendly, that is limiting it to a no of words, cut unnecessary words and much more.

9. SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plugin – The plugin allows you to search the duplicate content on your blog for whatsoever the reason may be. It sets to “nofollow” the content and helps from search engine penalties.

10. SEO Tag Cloud Widget – Tags, all know what’s their power is, if you give tags for your content it will be read by the search engines and it drives traffic to the website. Tags are the keywords for your content. No tags less relevancy but good and enough tags get a flow of traffic.