Solaris 10 x86

Solaris 10 x86 [VMWare Images]
Solaris 10 x86 [VMWare Images] | 1.18 GB

This Open Virtual Format (OVF) image is a standard default installation of the Solaris 10 10/09 Operating System.
Download Requirements:
* Sun Virtualbox 3.0 or higher
* 5 GB of free disk space
Use of the Sun Download Manager (SDM) is recommended. SDM is a small Java application that makes downloading large software packages from the Sun Download Center (SDLC) fast, easy, and more reliable than ever before. Download the software

download link : For USA, Japan, EU, UAE, Au, Ru, SA, Brazil and Sing.….x86.part1.exe/….x86.part2.rar/….x86.part3.rar/….x86.part4.rar/….x86.part5.rar/ For USA, EU, Japan, Sing, Au, Ru, UAE, SA.….part1.exe.html….part2.rar.html….part3.rar.html….part4.rar.html….part5.rar.html


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