Fedora 9 i386 Sulphur

Fedora 9 i386 Sulphur [VMWare Images]
Fedora 9 i386 Sulphur [VMWare Images] | 1.15 GB

Fedora 9 has been released � I have been waiting for this. For those of you who don�t know, Fedora is my distro of choice. I have been using Fedora since Fedora Core 3. And I will be upgrading to the latest release as soon as I get my hands on it.
I have started the download � but I have a 256kbps internet connection � and it will take around 4 days for the download to complete. After the install, I will write a review on it. I can�t wait to see the new KDE!


I have began a process of backing up my data so that nothing will be lost during the upgrade. No matter how careful I am, I always manage to loose something in the upgrade. Yeah, I know � Murphy�s Law. I hate Murphy. I am waiting to see what I loose this time. Last time it was my database. Luckily I was able to restore it from my backup � but the data entered after the backup was lost.
download link :
Uploading.com For USA, Japan, EU, UAE, Au, Ru, SA, Brazil and Sing.


Hotfile.com For USA, EU, Japan, Sing, Au, Ru, UAE, SA.



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