BackTrack.1 [VMWare Images] | 654 MB

BackTrack.1 [VMWare Images]
BackTrack.1 [VMWare Images] | 654 MB

The BackTrack distribution originated from the merger of two formerly competing distributions which focused on penetration testing:
* WHAX: a SLAX based Linux distribution developed by Mati Aharoni, an Israeli security consultant.
* Auditor Security Collection: a Live CD based on Knoppix developed by Max Moser which included over 300 tools organized in a user-friendly hierarchy.
The overlap with Auditor and WHAX in purpose and tools collection partly led to the merger.BackTrack provides Penetration testers with easy access to a comprehensive collection of security-related tools. Support for Live CD and Live USB functionality allows users to boot BackTrack directly from portable media without requiring installation, though permanent installation to hard disk is also an option.
BackTrack includes many well known security tools including:
* Metasploit integration
* RFMON Injection capable wireless drivers
* Kismet
* Nmap
* Ettercap
* Wireshark (formerly known as Ethereal)
* BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework)
A screenshot of the BackTrack 2 categories
The BackTrack 1.0 desktop
BackTrack arranges tools into 11 categories:
* Information Gathering
* Network Mapping
* Vulnerability Identification
* Web Application Analysis
* Radio Network Analysis (802.11,Bluetooth,Rfid)
* Penetration (Exploit & Social Engineering Toolkit)
* Privilege Escalation
* Maintaining Access
* Digital Forensics
* Reverse Engineering
* Voice Over IP
BackTrack also includes ordinary desktop programs such as Mozilla Firefox, Pidgin, K3b, and XMMS.
BackTrack also allows users to create personalized distributions by including customizable scripts, additional tools and configurable kernels.
download link : For USA, Japan, EU, UAE, Au, Ru, SA, Brazil and Sing.…ck.1.part1.exe/…ck.1.part2.rar/…ck.1.part3.rar/ For USA, EU, Japan, Sing, Au, Ru, UAE, SA.….part1.exe.html….part2.rar.html….part3.rar.html


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