X OS Linux 5.1 [VMWare Images]
X OS Linux 5.1 [VMWare Images] | 1.74 GB

X/OS Linux 5 is a Free and Open Source Linux distribution derived from the freely available source rpm packages of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5).
X/OS has spent considerable effort to avoid using Red Hat’s trademarks in any way that would imply an association with or sponsorship by Red Hat. X/OS Linux is not produced, maintained or supported by Red Hat.


The X/OS Linux 5.1 package set for i386 systems is identical to the combined package sets from the i386 release of RHEL 5.1 Client and RHEL 5.1 Server, with the following exceptions:
The following packages have been renamed: redhat-logos (xos-logos), redhat-lsb (xos-lsb), redhat-release (xos-release), redhat-release-notes (xos-release-notes), and redhat-rpm-config (xos-rpm-config).
All Red Hat Network (RHN) related packages are not included with X/OS Linux.
A few updates released for RHEL 5.1 have been included.
The yum package has been updated to version 3.2.1, the version included with the RHEL 5.1 beta release, as the yum version (3.0.1) that was included with the final version of RHEL 5.1 contains serious problems.
Besides these additions and name changes, the following modifications were made to the original packages:
An installclass has been added to anaconda, supporting various alternatives for installing X/OS Linux 5: using the full package set (default) or using only a selected set of repositories, either manually or by using a RHEL5 installation number (see below).
Red Hat trademarks and logos have been removed, particularly affecting package redhat-logos (now called xos-logos). Various other packages also required minor modifications to remove references to Red Hat.
Dependencies of renamed packages have been changed.
Several small changes to spec files have been made, to remove bugs or fix other issues. When applicable, the corresponding Bugzilla ticket numbers are listed in the changelog entries.
An extension has been added to the package release number, to avoid any confusion with the RHEL versions of the packages.
The changelog entries in the X/OS Linux packages contain a detailed list of all modifications.
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