Sociofluid Plugin Disallow Google Crawling

Sociofluid Plugin Disallow Google Crawling

Sociofluid Plugin WordPress SEO Error Fix

Sociofluid is a cool plugin of wordpress which enables you the feature of social bookmarking.The plugin gives some serious errors, which effect your search results. When Google index pages of your website it also index the sociofluid plugin data in your post. Fix the error in simple ways.

An example of the search result is shown here

The website is giving errors which are shown here, the link here comes in every post you make. lens. … – Cached – Similar

About The SocioFluid:

The social bookmarking plugin uses jquery for the mac effect in the posts. The plugin grows as you hover your mouse over the buttons.

The plugin gives a share feature for major bookmarking sites like facebook twitter, stumble upon,, yahoo buzz, myspace, google, technocrati and many more. It includes a list of twenty plugins.

SocioFluid SEO Error Fix:

When ever a user publish a post and Google crawls the new post of your website, the sociofluid plugin links are too crawled by the search engines. The search engine results are annoying and this makes low page rank. Every time your post is crawled by google, the address links of the plugin adds up in your search results.

To fix this error you just have to do the simple math, its very easy and fast to remove these kind of errors. You just have to edit your robots.txt of your website. You just have to disallow to crawl the plugin SocioFluid directory of your website:

Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/


Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/


You have to add this code to your robots.txt file to disallow crawl of sociofluid directory. Now you will no longer see the text sociofluid plugin link in your search results.

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