Microsoft Surface- The New Face Of Computing

Microsoft Surface- The New Face Of Computing

Microsoft Surface Multi-touch Screen

Crazy about multi-touch screen computers? Windows has come up with the all new Microsoft surface and is now available for Business and Commercial use. The multitouch screen surface responds naturally to hand gestures and objects.

The surface handles all the digital content in a very intuitive manner, with its large horizontal user interface. The surface creates an interactive way of sharing, comparing, transferring data etc. for multiple users. It changes the whole new concept of interacting with the digital content, Leave the mouse and keyword away use your hand for every single work. Sharing is fun. The all new surface also identify objects like glass of water, when it is kept on the surface it gives cool tags around it.

Transferring of data is easy you don’t have to connect your device with bluetooth, USB cable or anything, just put your phone or camera on the Microsoft surface and you’re all set for sharing. The Microsoft surface is very intelligent and recognizes your natural hand gestures.

The Surface comes at a price of $5,000 to $10,000 now. Soon it will be cheaper and will take a place in your home.

The video shows how the touch screen works and what actually Microsoft Surface look like:

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