IPhone Slim, With 5 Mega Pixel Camera

IPhone Slim, With 5 Mega Pixel Camera

IPhone Slim Concept 5 Mega Pixel

Apple s up with new IPhone for 2010. The new IPhone has a 5 mega pixel camera. Now you can shoot and record HD Videos. The IPhone also has a much improved touch screen. The software of IPhone is also upgraded so that it doesn’t hangs very often.

The New IPhone has 500+ Applications inbuilt. You Just need to connect to the Wi-fi and activate them once with no charges. You can delete the applications you don’t want with a single click.

It has a ultra slim design very sleek and stylish, ready for your hands. The IPhone has a free upgrade to software’s for a year.

It also supports divx, avi, mpeg-4 and many more formats. So now copy videos directly into your IPhone and play them.

It has dual stereo-speakers, music is much clear and loud. The phone has a extended 3G support.

The phone is expected to release in 2010 springs.

Additional Information By Raj Hardia:

First, the processor chip by the name of Aramex I guess, that iPhones 1g(classic), 2g(3G) and 3g(3GS) have been using has also been upgraded generation on generation. The latest report has come that it has again been upgraded with faster clock speeds and it could be put in conjuction with a 5MP cam.
Now it is “speculated” that the 2009 iPhone (4th gen.) is supposedly gonna use this upgraded chip.


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