Installing Windows 7 From Pen Drive

Installing Windows 7 From Pen Drive

Installing Windows With a USB

Ever thought of installing Windows 7 with a USB drive? This makes your work more simpler and easier. Use a pen drive to install Windows to your computers and keep your Windows disks protected.

Installing Windows 7 from a pen drive can keep your disks secured and apparently saves installation time.Some Tablet PC don’t have optical drive so you might think that how to install the new Windows 7 on it? The answer is your pen drive.

The step by step process will help you to install the rocking new Windows operating system in no time.

Note: The Guide only works for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Installation’s.

Use a minimum 4GB USB drive to make it a bootable disk.

1. Formatting Your USB drive

Plug in your USB drive and backup all your existing data to some other media’s or drive. You need to format your USB key before you can make it bootable device.

Open command prompt in Windows with Administrative right. Now type “diskpart” in your command prompt(if it gives an error, go to c:\Windows\system32 and then type it).

The command will open the disk Partition command line tool.

Type “list disk” to get the list of all active disks, each of them are associated with a number. Make a note which one is your USB drive(here i have a 8GB USB disk).

Now type the Following codes stepwise:

“Select Disk #” (where # is the number of your USB drive).

“Clean” to remove any existing files on your USB key.

“Create Partition Primary” it creates a partition with default parameters).

Select Partition 1” focus on the newly created partition.

Active” (It sets the in-focus partition to active, informing the disk firmware that this is a valid system partition).

Format FS=NTFS” (It formats the partition to NTFS format).

Assign ” Assigns a drive letter to USB Disk, in my case I was assigned “L“.

Exit” closes the partition tool.

2. Now turning the USB key into Bootable

Now insert the windows 7 DVD and copy all the files to your desktop or any other location. Incase you have an ISO extract it to a folder. I have copied it to a desktop folder( path of the folder C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\Desktop\Windows 7\).

Open the command prompt and type the following code:

Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\Desktop\Windows 7 or to the location where you have placed Windows 7 Setup files.

“CD Boot” (This gets you into the “boot” directory).

Bootsect.exe /nt60 L:” (where L is the drive letter assigned to the USB drive, replace L with your drive letter).

This command infuses boot manager compatible code into your pen drive.

Now close the command prompt.

3. Copying Windows 7 Files into your USB drive

Copy all the files of Windows 7 from the extracted ISO file or the folder you copied the files of Windows 7 into your pen drive.

Your USB Key is ready to go! Restart the PC and select the boot device priority form the BIOS (genrally opened by pressing F2 during the startup) to USB drive.

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