Ropid Robot

Ropid – Japanese Robot, Behaves Like a Kid

Ropid Robot

Ropid(short for a combination of Robot and Rapid) a cute little Japanese robot that can run and jump on your vocal commands. The robot behaves like a kid and follows verbal instructions, i.e. if you say jump it will not ask you “how high” but it will jump as high it can. It can jump maximum to a height of 8cms.

Ropid is a creation of Kyoto group popularly known as Robo Garage. They created a robot which can follow basic instructions like jumping and running on your voice commands. Ropid movements are not as fluid as humans but they are enough to beat any toy robot in the market.

Ropid is 38cms tall and weighs only 16Kgs. The robot has 29 joints and 4 gyro-sensors and is powered with a lithium ion battery. It is fitted with a Raytron’s BSRM01-01E voice recognition chip. The outer body is made from carbon fiber and plastic. It has a 2 axis accelerometers to help it mantain its balance regardless of running or jumping.

So far, there are no plans to market the ropid but it will soon be available as a toy.

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