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Alex Reader: Kindle Your E-Book Experience

by Shubham on November 4, 2009

Alex Reader Gallery

One of the coolest gadget to compete with Amazon’s Kindle is ready now, Alex Reader. Alex Reader is packed with capacitive touch screen and Android OS. It is a bit thicker than Kindle, but who cares if you get more usability?

It has a capacitive touch screen with video playback on the onscreen keyboard. I loved the glossy pictures of Alex Reader, it is a very cool gadget with many things. This gadget is a must have thing for book lovers as it replaces your books and can store a lot. It gives a very comfortable reading experience, you can check the video of Alex Reader.

You can browse the web to any articles/ Google Books or Wikipedia, and can download the documents for later use. The Android OS looks good and familiar. The onscreen keyboard is something which is just not to good as it responds a bit late.

Alex Reader: The New E-Reader

The Android OS

The Sleek Design

Alex Reader E-Book Reader

The pricing has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to be near 250$(equal to the price of Kindle 2).


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