Good Alexa Rank: Get It In 2 Weeks

Alexa Rank Increase

Getting a good Alexa rank is not a difficult task; doing things right way will get you a good rank in 10 days. Alexa rank is important as the Advertisers, Webmasters and AD Networks check them.

Google Page rank and Alexa Rank are the two major things which Advertisers keep in mind. Google page rank is updated twice or thrice a year, not sure when. But Alexa rank in checked once in a week. But if you are in top 100,000 your Alexa rank is updated daily.

Getting a good Alexa rank is not so tough. I started of with Alexa about 20 days ago and have decreased my Alexa Rank in millions. What I did is followed some simple tricks (off-course legal methods) and made a good rank. Alexa is a trusted site, which gives ranking to the websites according to their Traffic on the website and the Sites Linking in to the website.

Many people say that Alexa Rank is vastly inaccurate method of measuring the website traffic and reach. I don’t disagree.

Well moving on from Blogspot to a domain was a quite tough task. In Blogspot you don’t have do much (except writing articles), but in a website you have to care about many things such as SEO. So to start up with I will explain how to get a good Alexa rank?

The top ways to increase your Alexa rank are being mentioned below:

1. Install the Alexa Toolbar: Install Alexa toolbar, and set your website as homepage. This will potentially increase page views. Encourage your friends to install the Alexa toolbar.

2. Put an Alexa Widget on Site: Put the Alexa Widget in your site, this will increase your site rank in millions. Each click is counted as visit even if they have don’t have the Alexa toolbar. It is the must do thing, this will decrease your Alexa rank.

3. Encourage Others: Encourage people to use Alexa toolbar. The Alexa will be pinged each time they come to your website.

4. Ask Friends to Review: Ask your friends to review your website on Alexa this won’t take much time. Tell them to review your website.

5. Leave Your URL in Forums: Post your URL in forums, they will get you good traffic. Don’t spam because it will decrease your site reputation.

6. Post Your Website in Social Networking Sites: Post them in social networking sites and share the links with friends. Doing this will create good traffic and this increases your Alexa rank.

7. You can try Alexa auto-surf: You can use Alexa auto surf for sites by joining the program. Well I didn’t used it so don’t know, but people told to add it as it worked for brand new sites.

8. Update Regularly: Update your site regularly. This will increase your traffic and Alexa rank. If you are a Blogger/Webmaster update daily and post them

9. Creating Fun Loving Content: Create content which is easy to read and share. This will attract more visitors, and your content will be shared. This will increase traffic rank.

10. Alexa Booster: You can use Alexa Booster tool to get Alexa Boost. I read about them on some site. And they prove good for new websites.

Well all the methods except the auto-surf and Alexa Booster are tried. They are 100% working and the effects will be reflected within 2 weeks.


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