Android OS Is The New Begning..

Android OS The new begning..!

About a year ago Android OS was released with a bursting potential. With the new Android OS 2.0 it is making it’s mark, it is almost human. Fast and efficient with a variety of options to let you groove.

It is becoming a smart-phone user choice, it is growing too fast. With the hands of Google this OS steals the show. Android OS lays down the platform for next year that’s widely more compelling and just so human.

The new Motorola Droid has Android 2.0 OS and its looking good.

The Android OS is glossy not Apple (where whole world is just so shiny or reflective). The classic Google is now gone its packed with high resolution graphics( tons of pixel). After having a look you would question yourself “Google designed this?”.

With icons and menu bar being sleek and shiny which just so smooth. The OS is much worked and polished. The OS loves multi-tasking, it is much fast and smooth.

It is packed with Google Apps so you can use maps, gmail and many more services of Google straight from your phone. You can also connect with socail networking sites like Facebook, it works pretty well. The Browser is full packed, but no multi-touch integration in the browser.

Well what Android OS really lack is the music and the video player.It is sluggish at random intervals.But the overall things and the too fast growing support makes it the best smartphone OS in the market. In 2010 there will be a lot more phones which will be packed with Android OS. Sony Ericsson and HTC will be soon in the market with Android OS.


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